Friday, September 3, 2010

News News News...

My head is here, and it is pretty wonderful. She needs a little makeup to make her less, ummmm, yellow. Can you tell which is which?  Anyway, I think she'll do nicely. My daughter has taken a liking to her, so she gets her hair brushed a couple of times a day now...

Speaking of my daughter, She got a load of new outfits from Grammie, and put this on this morning. It was so cute, I had to set up some lights real quick. This was an AlienBee 800 just above and to her left with a shoot through umbrella. It was triggered optically with my repaired 580EXii on camera. It was set to manual 1/32 power just to fill in some shadow. Not bad for a 2 minute setup. My daughter was trying out some of the poses she is learning in "hip-hop" dance class. These were taken with my 100mm F2.8Macro since I had loaned my 85 F1.8 out to a friend.

Just for grins I popped one off without the key light, just to show the fill flash's power... Whats interesting, it also showed the reflection off the fish tank.

Anyway, in other news, Florida is a fabulous place to live, especially here.. Took the family out to Playa Linda to see how much damage Earl had done. Short anwser is none. There were some nice waves, and lots of surfers... Then there was also this little guy... He was nice enough to pose, right in the golden hour light.

Just goes to show, there is a nice photo anywhere you look...

Rory Duncan

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