Thursday, August 12, 2010

Senior Photography Season is Here

We just finished up a set of 3 senior photos, and I have to say I am pretty happy with the shots. Two of the girls we shot down in Cocoa Village along the water. It was a great site with lots of options. We had to fight the noon day sun, but a little help from mother nature took care of most of it. Lets just say Neautral density filters are your friend when its REALLY bright, but you still want to destroy the background. Mother nature gives, and takes away however. We had a fatality when a Florida afternoon thunderstorm blew through the area. We were all hiding under the pavillion (As you know, it only takes 10 minutes or so for these things to blow out), when a freak wind gust tipped over one of my light stands, and broke one of my high dollar portable strobes. Ahh well... $120 later and Canon takes care of it. Thus is life. The girls had three or four outfits each and it took about three hours. They got 160ish pictures out of the deal.

Check out some of the shots at

You can also check out some of the senior studio shots. I really like the look of the black with the contrast of the rose. Its not so overpowering to subtract from the subject. This "studio" was in her dining room. It took about 10 minutes to push the table out of the way and set up the backdrop and lights. We did a little green screen photography as well.. There is one of the examples in the green screen gallery. That background was one she had harvested from the web. I have to admit it gives a nice look. While we were there we also did a shot of her two brothers as well.

Rory Duncan

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