Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Just got word from the canon service center that the damaged 580EXii speedlite is on its way home.

Speaking of flashes, I am seriously considering picking up a ringflash from alienbees. I love the look it gives, and it can be reconfigured to work as a normal strobe. Anyone have any experience with this guy? Its only 120 bucks more than an 800... Now, who wants to be our first subject to get a nice glamour set?

On a related note, the sunrise this morning was gorgeous. It was about 6:40 and I was going over the railroad bridge on US1 near gardenstreet. A little sliver of sun was poking out through a cloud, leaving a gorgeous firey ring outlining the cloud. I knew I was about 3 minutes away from being able to stop and shoot it. The light at garden street was green, and there was no extra construction traffic over the max-brewer bridge. I pulled off, but man does 3 minutes make a big difference in a sunrise... I still like how it turned out...

Rory Duncan

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