Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some introductions are in order...

Rory and Staci Photography is a small, dedicated group of professional photographers. Actually there are two of us that run the cameras, and one helping out with logistics. My name is Rory Duncan, and I have been seriously into photography for 6 years now. I have a wide range of interests when it comes to photography. I do studio work, candids, birds, spiders, rocket launches, even astrophotography. I am interested in all technical aspects of photography, and how to use them to bring out the art in a shot. Knowing which lens is best, and how much power a strobe has wont help you if you cant compose a shot. Heck, the more you learn about photography, the less you really know. There is always a new technique to bring out the best in a shot. This is why, to me anyway, there is no cookie cutter session. Every setup is different, every location is different, every subject is different. Knowing how to overcome, and turn the situation into a great photograph is what makes a real photographer.

A little about our company. We are a little different than the others. We offer a single price for most shoots. We will come to your location (Within 25 miles of Titusville, FL) for the included price. We will spend an average of 2 hours at your site, and you can expect close to 100 pictures to choose from. We take the time to make you and yours look your best.   We set up in your house, or in a place of your choosing.. No strange places, just your comfort zone. You will end up with printing rights of all the pictures. This means you can get them printed anywhere, on anything without paying high per print costs. This will save you a small fortune. The great part is our entire fee is $100.00 and if you really need it, $50 an hour after the first 2. I feel pretty confident in saying that you should get some FABULOUS shots in the first two hours. We will even fix up and imperfections in your four favorite photos, to make them even more perfect. We offer green screen photography. We shoot you in front of a green screen, and can then digitally subtract it out. This allows us to put you in front of all sorts of fun / exciting backgrounds. This requires a bit of work on our part to make them look great, so they cost $10 per processed picture. Other than that, the only other charge we have is for travelling past 25 miles from Titusville, that will run $0.50 a mile.

Check out our website for a gallery, and our contact information.

Rory Duncan

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